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SupaFresh DanceFit vs SupaFresh Dance Choreo


SupaFresh brings two different ways to deliver a Street Dance class into a Fitness environment; Either a high energy cardio class (SupaFresh DanceFit) or a dance choreography class (SupaFresh Dance Choreo). 

Start Your SupaFresh Journey today and take your teaching to the next level.

Continue to Learn, Develop and Enhance your knowledge. Not just one day training but a dedicated team here to support you and your career.


SupaFresh DanceFit

  1. Level 2 Exercise to Music or Level 2 Dance Fitness 

  2. OR other equivalent Fitness qualification


SupaFresh Dance Choreo


  1. Level 2 Exercise to Music or Level 2 Dance Fitness

  2. OR other equivalent Fitness qualification

  3.  AND experienced Dance background or Studio based background (1 year plus)

  4. OR SupaFresh DanceFit Instructor (1 year plus)

To become a SupaFresh Instructor you must:

- Meet the prerequisites 

- Attend a SupaFresh DanceFit Instructor Training session

- Complete the final examination

- Activate your license by signing up to the SupaFresh Online Members area (SupaFresh Library)

- Renew Qualification annually by attending a re-fresher workshop or Instructor Training

After attending the SupaFresh Instructor training it is required to activate your SupaFresh DanceFit or Dance Choreo membership to be licensed to teach SupaFresh classes, to receive your certificate and to maintain your SupaFresh Instructor status. The membership subscription must be activated within 3 months of undertaking the Instructor Training training.

By subscribing you agree to a monthly recurring charge of £25.  You are free to cancel anytime, however you will no longer be licensed to teach SupaFresh classes.

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