Are you already a Fitness Instructor, Professional Dancer or teach Group Exercise Classes? Then the SupaFresh DanceFit online Training could be for you! The  online Training will give you all the knowledge and materials to start your SupaFresh class.

SupaFresh DanceFit Instructor Training 


Dancers and Dance Fitness instructors this is your chance to ADD Something NEW to your repertoire or just to ADD some freshness to your DANCEFIT classes. Especially if you work online!


As this is a hard time for everyone, we have slashed the price of our Instructor training Course, removed license fees whilst keeping quality high!

For the next 4 weeks ONLY - Pay £149


Monday 9th/16th/23rd/30th November 

12pm-4pm (GMT)

  • 4 Hour SF DanceFit Training for Dancers and DanceFit Instructors

    Started Nov 9

  • 4 Hour SF DanceFit Training for Dancers and DanceFit Instructors

    Started Nov 16

  • 4 Hour SF DanceFit Training for Dancers and DanceFit Instructors

    Started Nov 23

  • 4 Hour SF DanceFit Training for Dancers and DanceFit Instructors

    Started Nov 30


• 4 hours Training with Amelia Aramu (SupaFresh Founder/Creator)

• Online Student manual and full SF DanceFit level 1 curriculum access

• Online tailored support 

• Complementary access to the SF DanceFit level 1 library 

• Access to Amelia Aramu’s Hip Hop Basic step tutorials

• Certificate of completion including proof of participation.

• Full class examples (live with Amelia)

• Discounted instructor rates for future SF workshops, events and materials.




Spaces are limited! SO Book your space now or contact us for more info.

This is a FUN-PACKED online training course where you will learn everything you need to know to set up and run your own SupaFresh DanceFit class, spice up your current DanceFit classes or to become a DanceFit Instructors

During this Online Instructor Training course you will:

  •  Learn the most common Hip Hop & House Basic and Signature steps

  • Understand the different genres of Music and related styles, along with understanding how to work to Music effectively

  • Gain the ability to teach DanceFit choreographies facing participants, facing the same direction and changing teaching position throughout the class

  • Gain the ability to cue both physically and verbally and direct a class sufficiently

  • Understand how Choreographies are specifically designed

  • Learn how to undertake an adequate warm-up, DanceFit section and cool down and know the ‘advance of the class’, ‘beginning’, ‘during’ and ‘after class’ requirements

  • Understand SupaFresh labelling methodology and how to increase or decrease both the intensity (Fitness) or dance elements of your class where necessary and design your class effectively

  • Understand SupaFresh B.A.G.S

  • Understand how to access and navigate the SupaFresh Library;  find warm-ups, tracks, cool downs and all necessary information to plan, promote and develop your class

You will be shown a number of Basic Hip Hop and House Dance steps, Choreographies, warm-ups and cool downs & specialised tips to ensure your classes are fun, engaging and always have the SupaFresh FLAVOUR & VIBES!

We will help you to enhance your skills in building and running great DanceFit classes that provide a fun, groovy & challenging experience for your participants to keep them coming back for more!

On payment you will receive zoom details via email and you will have access to our training materials and resources a. Please note that NO refunds will be given once you log-in to the Instructor Training Online course.




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