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From Snoop Dogg to Missy Elliott, from Madonna to Beyoncé – Journey through the best hits of time with this high-energy, exhilarating Street Dance class. Learn cool moves, get FIT and get your GROOVE ON! The perfect workout, inside and out. Covering a number of Street Dance styles, this class is a track-by-track pre-choreographed Dance Fitness class, with each track choreographed by professional dancers and fitness experts. 

SupaFresh DanceFit LIVE example class

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DanceFit (HIIT it up)

DanceFit (HIIT it up)

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SupaFresh DanceFit is a dance fitness class inspired by different Street dance styles such as Hip Hop, House and Commercial. A high energy cardio class, combining both elements of Fitness and Dance to different genres of music. We include cardio, high-intensity and toning movements, helping to raise your heart rate and making for a more efficient and healthy body. The class is energetic, engaging, fun and has great vibes taking participants back to the 90s clubbing scene.


The SupaFresh vibes and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities, being a dancer is not necessary to attend this class. With simple, easy to follow choreographies designed by professional dancers and fitness experts, this class is for anyone who loves music and wants to dance in a non-pressured environment, whilst burning an average of 500 calories.


The class structure includes a dynamic work-out, DanceFit choreographies and an appropriate cool-down. SupaFresh class can be 45 minutes  to 1 hour and you will be performing around 12 tracks back-to-back, with a short break between every three tracks according to the level of your class. Every choreography differs in style, level, steps, groove and intensity. Participants will learn the choreography by repeating the ‘SupaFresh Combos’ associated to a certain section of the music without stopping.


' I really love how all the choreographies have a great incorporation of Fitness as well as Dance, so you're doing cool steps as well as getting really fit and getting your heart rate going'


Already a Dance Fitness Instructor and want to improve your skill-set or spice up your classes? Then why not check out our specifically designed courses for Instructors as well as our catalogue of Dance Fitness Choreographies to purchase.


Take your dancing to the next level!

SupaFresh Dance Choreo is a specialised Choreography based Street Dance class perfect for a Fitness environment. Using the layering method to build up an easy to follow choreography, broken down step by step to great music creates a fun, relaxed environment where participants will learn to Dance, Groove and Improve!

Using the layering method to build up an easy to follow choreography, broken down step by step to great music from a variety of genres creates a fun, relaxed environment where you will learn to Dance, Groove and Improve! Learn a choreography and improve your technique whilst following the unique SupaFresh method.


Suitable for beginners who are passionate about dance and want to improve their technique, confidence and style

SupaFresh Dance Choreo LIVE example class

The SupaFresh Dance Choreo Instructor Training is only for experienced and qualified Dance Teachers or Fitness Instructors. If you're interested in undertaking the SUPAFRESH Dance Choreo training either individually or organising for your instructors then please register your interest.


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